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Bundled with headphone vitalizer technology, UltraSoundResolution GXT/GXS headphone is a whole solution for playback audiophile quality audio on your mobile phones. It combines traditional high-quality closed headphones and enhanced software to make an unforgotten listening experience. UltraSoundResolution GXT/GXS headphone does not like earbud, but a kind of portable large headphones. The weight is light so it is good for mobile usage. Embodied software also features noise reduction and controls on Sound. GXT and GXS model uses different drivers so sound wise is not the same.

Hyper Dynamic Range, extend the dynamic performance

Hyper Dynamic Range is a brand new technology to improve the timbre and sound quality when dealing with dynamics. Usually when you turn down the volume in software, the noise floor of the hardware does not change. This results in the loss of dynamic range. When you turn up the volume, the background noise is also increased and the dynamic range does not improve. Hyper Dynamic Range avoids the loss of dynamic range when tweaking the volume. What is more, Hyper Dynamic Range is the most effective way to improve dynamic range; extend dynamic range in both low end and high end. It sounds more detail when the sound is soft but more impact when the sound is loud. And unlike EQ and Compression, it is impossible to hear any artificial effect/sound when Hyper Dynamic Range is ON.

Customize Sound, forge your unique sound

As we know, sound quality is often a taste of personal preference. So everyone has his/her unique perfect sound in their hearts. That’s why a single hi-end DAC cannot satisfy everyone. Armed with new cutting edge DSP technology, Sound Magic finally solves this issue by providing the possibility to customize sound for customers. By answering a few questions, we can find your preferred sound style and finally we present the sound you want. You do not need to worry about how it works, we will put the code into DSP and you will have your sound when you are playing music.

Patent Pending Multi-Dimensional HRTF

Headphone Vitalizer uses Multi-Dimensional HRTF system. Compared to common HRTF, Multi-Dimensional HRTF will have better result when the sound source is not in the middle. With our special designed algorithm, it will sound more open and live then common convolution algorithms. And in order to have the best sound quality, we build this HRTF for each customer. Because every person has a unique HRTF, it is impossible to use a common HRTF to achieve the best result. Headphone Vitalizer changes this case by customizes HRTF for each customer. This is where the value lies.

You may think this process requires a long customize time and trouble some because we need to use professional devices to modelling your ears. This is common for many hi-end custom earphones. But you are wrong this time because we have new technology to do this job better. With our patent pending HRTF Graphic Modelling technology, you just need to send us pictures in front, back and side position. Then we can start the modelling processing based on the pictures, this cost less time and no need to travel or bothering you in real life. This process usually takes one week with several Email communication needed.

Industrial most comprehensive Headphone Database, 300+

Every audio engineer wants a flat frequency response monitor system, but it is proved to be a difficult task. And this is even more difficult in headphone system. You will find even you have all the tools, but the frequency response of your headphone will result an imperfect result. In order to make your headphone system more accurate, we introduce our frequency compensate system with a huge headphone database, which contains over 300 headphones from over 20 manufacturers. This is the most comprehensive headphone database you can find on the market. In this huge database, we recorded every headphone’s frequency response, and also phase response. By using this data, we can compensate the frequency loss and achieve a flat frequency response better than any other methods. And this database covers most wide-used headphone models from big names such as Sennheiser, Sony, Shure, AKG, Audio Technica, Beyerdynamic and more.


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Price: €349/$399/£249 (GXS)





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